Oral Moisture Checker Mucus

  • To measure the oral moisture
  • Easy to use and compact

**Notice the warning on the label and accompanying documents before use
**Medical Device Advertisement Number Khor Phor. 482/2564


To measure the oral moisture

Oral Moisture Checker Mucus

Quantifying the moisture in the mouth.

It only takes two seconds for measurement.

A beeping sound lets you know when the measurement is complete.

Easy to use and compact

The device is a compact size and easy to carry.

Easy to use in 3 steps

Fitting of the Oral Moisture Checker Mucus Cover before use

Turn on the Power switch. The device will sound “Beep”

The display will show 00.0, which means that the device is ready to measure.

Start measurement

Line Up

Product details

Size: 215 x 238 x 41 mm.

Weight: 60 grams (Batteries are included)

Batteries can be replaced (AAA Batteries x 2)

Price: 35,000 Baht